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Just browsing…part 1

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Time was when getting on the net meant using Internet Explorer. You may have been around for Netscape Navigator or toyed with the various AOL offerings, but then along came the new kind on the block, Firefox, and promptly knocked old IE out of the park. IE came puffing and panting from behind. But there are other browsers out there so lets have a look at some of the lesser known competitors in the so called browser wars.

Konqueror: one for the Linux fans here. Konqueror used to be standard for Linux machines on KDE and may still be if Firefox is not cresting the tape first. It’s a nice browser but in my experience lacks decent flash integration however if you are using PCLinuxOS or other KDE environment chances are it’s there somewhere so go play.

Epiphany; Epiphany is a Gnome based browser, the Gnome version of Konqueror. It’s light responsive and well worth a trial. This browser got me out of some problems with streaming audio back in the days of Ubuntu 6.04 so I have maintained something of a soft spot for it.

Aurora: Aurora is another lightweight browser. Its come in handy as the installed browser for low powered systems using DSL and Puppy Linux.

More next time

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