Facebook is not private!

For some of you lovely people out there this may come as a surprise, but the simple fact of the matter is that data on Facebook is not private. Don’t get me wrong, FB is great. Its practically part of life these days. Most people seem to have their facebook page, companies have their company page quite frankly, search for Wanderjahre Computing and you will find us there as well! But Facebook is not the place to hid your deepest darkest secret. Its not the place for anything at all, if that anything is private or confidential or needs to be limited to a small number of people.

But there is an interesting development with FB, and that is namely that people and by people I mean its own users are no longer surprised to learn that their information has been compromised. The reaction seems to be “Oh? Facebook leaked some of my personal info again? Well that’s Facebook!”

I is not saying “Don’t use Facebook!” Not at all. It would be pointless,the application is too wide spread and has become too much a part of life. I know people who practically live on Facebook and even some of the smaller businesses that I work with who generally regard Facebook as some kind of Damien Omenesque evil are starting to think again about using it and it to them that I would like to make the following points.

Nothing on your Facebook page is private – by its very nature a site designed to make the sharing of information easy will struggle with privacy.

1. Don’t make any comment you would not be comfortable with making in a meeting of your local Rotary Club or political association.

2. A race hate comment on Facebook is every bit as likely to cause you problems as the same comment delivered in public or it may not. It all depends on who complain and how hard they complain!

3. Don’t post pictures of you or your kids unless you are comfortable with how you and they are dressed.

4. If you feel inclined to moan about your job or manager, spend the several hours it will take to see if there is a link between you and them via someone who is both your friend and their’s or a concealed link via another friend or friend of a friend before typing your thoughts into your rig!

5. Think before you post anything which could come back to haunt you!

  1. Facebook should be used carefully. I love that facebook has allowed people to contact other people that have gone their separate ways from high school and to meet others from all over the world. But, for everything, there is a limit. I will not give people my personal information on-line. There should be a limit on what you should tell anyone about yourself. Giving personal information can cause you more harm than you think. I guess I look at too much news. But, I do know my limits.

  1. May 16th, 2011

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