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Some articles that have caught my eye in the last couple of weeks and look promising. Check them out.

Getting better all the time? Tweetmag for the iPod.

Xournal Note taking application for Linux OS. Xournal is a note-taking Linux application.You get a blank piece of “paper” every time you open it up and if that sounds a bit flat it does come with a host of note taking notes. If anyone out there is downloading or using Ubuntu 11.04 right now could be worth a few moments to check out.

On a similar note check out  WriteBoard: A Free Note-Taking Web App That Supports Collaboration and Exporting

Springpad opens up its note-taking platform

A modern Email sig. PCMech

The link goes to a profile site about.me where you can have a blog and Facebook community page listed. The profile page is purposely simple, but has the option of adding in a ‘bio’ in a text box, and the ability to add in as many links as wanted.  I have since found out that using this seems to need the person who wants to view the sig to register which seems to miss the point to me. It may be a glitch somewhere but otherwise looking out for my article on how to do this using Dropbox for free and no registration for your viewers.
USB3 is a technology that was hyped up quite a bit in 2010, and it was said many times in many different places that wide availability of USB3 would be


Slipstreaming is the process of integrating a Service Pack to a Windows ISO. The tool that will be used to do this is called RT Se7en Lite.


Some of you out there may have read stories like this one and may be confused at the fact as to why Google of all companies uses tape as one of its backup

New IP www.newip.us Wikiprox is a fast web proxy for keeping yourself anonymous and for bypassing network restrictions!

pushnote.com   Comment anywhere and enjoy the best of the web, as voted by the Pushnote community.

‎33mail.com.Simple free disposable email address service, unlimited free disposable email addresses

Webmail: Battle Of The Awesome Features. PC mech looks at some champions and young contenders in the world of webmail.
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