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Making sense of computing

Welcome to my website here you’ll find help and advice on a variety of computer and IT related problems. You’ll also find news and views about what new and exciting in the ever changing world of Information Technology. Enjoy!

Wanderjahre provides information and support for those day to day problems that people experience using their computers, not only the my-desktop-pc-won’t-start variety but also the How do I do…?

Technology is there to make our lives easier, yet most of the time, the opposite is true. Virus checks and firewalls are a necessary part of computing life, but I can make sure this is less of a chore and more of a pleasure with upgrades, system checks and all the minutiae of the dedicated IT geek.

I don’t charge an arm and a leg and I’ll quote you for all the work before we start. In some cases I may be able to suggest a DIY solution at no cost to you.  Just click on the contacts page for more details